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20th December 2012, 16:55
Hi all

I have been offered a contract in Switzerland for up to 12 months....I am looking for an Umbrella Company or similar to work through..........does anyone out there have any recommendations for me....any info would be much appreciated


20th December 2012, 17:17
Hi Jordz,

I've lifted a post from a thread asking the same question:

Go to English Forum Switzerland (http://www.englishforum.ch) and read the sticky posts carefully. You cannot work via your UK ltd co if you are resident in Switzerland.

Take home on 10'000 CHF gross, is ~1'200 CHF in Zürich. However, in common with brollies in the UK, out of your 10'000 CHF, you must also pay employer's social contributions, pension, various insurances and the brolly fee.

Read this thread carefully: Average tax - English Forum Switzerland (http://www.englishforum.ch/finance-banking-taxation/157235-average-tax.html)