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17th January 2013, 16:30
Saying hello to all freelancers and contractors out there from a Newbie in chilly Cheshire.

Mod note:
Welcome to CUK bestnetpayfriend. :)

Please read the T&Cs of these forums. Blatant advertising is not allowed. Promoting your company when giving advice (through the use of your login) is encouraged however.


17th January 2013, 18:20
If you put bestnetpayfriend in google it tries to correct it to 'best boyfriend'. Just saying like......

17th January 2013, 18:30
:wave: a warm welcome to cuk :wave:

tell us more about yourself.

17th January 2013, 19:36
Welcome on-board!

Happy days lie ahead.


18th January 2013, 15:10
Thank you to the mod ...you cannot help me for trying though but it will take me a while to get used to this.

As for my name what on earth do I put "Boring accountant seeks contractors" or "Blonde seeking thousands of contractors".. all requiring Limited Company set ups so that we can keep you rich and my bean counters in the back office busy until the midnight oil runs out.

Ok.. I know guys it should have been Blonde seeking etc...

Certainly it seems you contracting lot have a great sense of humour, we need it in this current climate so keep it going guys, love it !

Carol from Maple accountants (...accountants for contractors, freelancers and recruitment consultancies..but dont tell the mod, i'll get into trouble !!) x