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21st June 2005, 11:32
...this board has p1ss poor emoticons. How is an IT geek supposed to express himself properly without emoticons??? Through language!? Is that what you want? Is it? Huh? God, next you will be saying orange shirts, purple trousers and sandals aren't a good match.

Even the paranormal forum has a better selection of emoticons 8o

21st June 2005, 12:42
Do any of you Geeks know how I can put emoticons onto my emails?

21st June 2005, 12:47
Yes, but not going to tell you.

_ _
@~ (o.o) ~@
/___( * )___\ NA NA
/ `U' \ NANA
( . ) NA !!!
_\ /_

21st June 2005, 12:47
Do any of you Geeks know how I can put emoticons onto my emails?

It'll cost ya!

21st June 2005, 12:50
Do any of you lesser life forms ever consider googling before you post a question?

21st June 2005, 12:51
You are a mean lot :(

21st June 2005, 14:27
When I were a lad we had to make our own emoticons out of ASCII punctuation characters.

Now you kids expect somebody else to do it for you.

(a squashy-nosed man winking and sticking his tongue out, that one)

21st June 2005, 14:47
> Do any of you Geeks know how I can put emoticons onto my emails?

Don't go there - you'd have to send html emails which any self respecting geek will block for security reasons.

Anyhow why would you want to - your use of the language makes it clear enough for anybody with more than 2 brain cells. Ah - just realised - maybe you need to communicate with HR bods.

21st June 2005, 15:56
Fiddle effoffandie :D

21st June 2005, 21:33
Yes but don't imagine anyone can find what they want on Google

It has its favourites, and sometimes, for no very obvious reason, it takes a dead set against some of us. I can type "chair" into google and it comes back with 2 results. I don't really know what I ever did to offend it, but there you are. It never forgives either.

I heard about somebody the other day who was searching for "shade loving plants" who got 36,474 references for "chair". It has to send them somewhere I suppose. Bitch!

If Google ever asks me how long to cook tomatoes I will keep my knowledge to myself.

21st June 2005, 23:23
Nice to see you've made a start on following my advice for getting the sack on your first day xogg - you'll need to neck another half bottle of so until you can't type at all rather than just typing something incomprehensible.

With luck you should just piss your pants naturally soon and if you try really hard maybe crap them too while in a stupour but that should ideally be held in reserve as I mentioned originally.