View Full Version : Clear v Crunch: choosing between 2 accountancy firms

21st February 2013, 21:29
Hi there

I'm about to set up a limited company to work as a contractor. I was just wondering if anyone has any experience with Clear Accountancy Solutions & Crunch Accountancy? I've read some mixed feedback with Crunch but given there's a difference of about £500 per year in their fees I was inclined to go with them (I'm not a big earner just yet so it matters) However I'd be more interested to hear if anyone has had any dealings from Clear Accountancy Solutions? In the long-run I'd rather it be smooth sailing.

Thanks in advance!

21st February 2013, 21:39
You could try searching the forums...

Crunch seems to have been discussed rather a lot recently...

Best method to search is here...


Just point though... If you are new, cost is the last thing you want to be looking at IMO. I don't know the figures you are talking about but I am with SJD at around £1200 a year and every penny is money well spent because they give me correct and accurate advice and I trust them. To give that up to save a couple of hundred pounds would be a poor choice in my book but it is up to you.

Shave a bit of your banking charges, or your PI/PL insurance if you want but I wouldn't be scrimping on my accountant at this point. Take the one that is best for you regardless of cost at this point.

22nd February 2013, 10:09
Never heard of clear accounting, but I would always be wary of an accountant who does not publish their address or their fees on the website, plus they can't spell "stationery"!!

Seems that they are probably an umbrella that also does accountancy, but not as its main activity.