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Gay Bored Geek
21st June 2005, 12:52
How are you all this week? posting on here,surfing the net, reducing the profitability of your companies. Shame on you!>:

Back in my day I'd of had you shot

21st June 2005, 12:57
Back in my day I'd have had you shot!

21st June 2005, 13:00
Back in my day I'd of had you shot


Gay Bored Geek
21st June 2005, 13:00
Glad you agree Splod

21st June 2005, 13:02


21st June 2005, 13:06
Id've or I'd've

Word doesn't seem to like any of 'em...

Ah, well!

I don't think the two apostrophe version scans right tho'

21st June 2005, 13:08
Spodly: Would you settle for a google vote?

21st June 2005, 13:09
Technically the 2 apostrophe version is logically correct, the apostrophe indicating the contraction of the word.
I don't think that i'd've is accepted usage though, so would have to settle for "i'd have".

SG in "pedantic git" mode.

21st June 2005, 13:12
Threaded: I've just done a search and certainly found quite a few using my version. I don't know what it is but yours just doesn't scan right to me.

A google vote is useless anyway as the internet is populated by retards!

I certainly *know* that I'd of is wrong!

Yeah, feckit, do a google!

Gay Bored Geek
21st June 2005, 13:14
If you're an employer, check out the Websense site at www.websense.com. This US vendor of web monitoring software has some absorbing statistics on internet usage. It found that, during the nine-to-five work day, 70 per cent of all web porn traffic occurs, 30 to 40 per cent of web surfing is not business-related, and more than 60 per cent of online purchases are made.

"Haven't these workers got something better to do, like, er, work?" I hear you say. Well to be fair, the same source revealed that about a third of US companies had disciplined staff for internet misuse in the past year, with most incidents related to porn surfing.
Pulling a FAST one

Meanwhile, yet another survey, this time from FAST Corporate Services, estimated that "recreational use" of the internet at work costs UK industry around £350m in lost productivity per year.>:

Every day, UK workers send about 4.5 million emails which are not all strictly work related, and roughly half of all workers say they receive pornographic, racist, sexist or other inappropriate email at work.

This sounds pretty serious, but it seems that most email is a waste of bandwidth. A recent survey from Gartner classified no less than 34 per cent of internal business mail as "useless".

Nothing more than theft, theft I tell you>:

21st June 2005, 13:16
Oi GBG, shove it up your arse!

Spod - In "You probably already have" mode!

Gay Bored Geek
21st June 2005, 13:17
You know I did Splod, you were the one with the smile on your face

21st June 2005, 13:19
You know I did Splod, you were the one with the smile on your face

In your dreams!

21st June 2005, 13:20
£350m in lost productivity per year

What a load of bollocks!

Before the internet arrived people used to spend more time chatting to mates on the phone, having a dump, down the pub, chatting, staring out the winodw,. etc.etc.

Sounds great - where's my time machine....

21st June 2005, 13:45
GBG, how's Greek street these days?