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25th March 2013, 10:53
ContractorUK has received a solicitor's letter on behalf of White Collar Financial Limited and would like to clarify some details.

This thread does not state or imply that White Collar Financial Limited run, or have ever run, an Employment Benefit Trust (EBT.) This forum was set up so that individuals who have received letters from HMR&C querying their tax returns could discuss their options. Presence of company names in this or other threads on this forum are not an implication that these companies run, or have ever run, an EBT scheme.

Having spoken to several of the posters on the forum who used ASMG we are aware that some contracts who used the services of ASMG went on to use the services of White Collar Consulting.

The fact that some people moved from ASMG to White Collar Consulting is in no way a connection to show that the two companies were linked in any way.

White Collar Consulting Limited is a dissolved company but we would like to point out that White Collar Financial Limited (Company Number 07109682) is a solvent, actively trading company at the time of writing this post.