View Full Version : 4 Hours to go.

18th June 2005, 14:47
Who? Doctor Who, thats Who!

18th June 2005, 14:57
Yup, just testing a new build and then I'm off t'pub for a couple of beers on the way home.

And then... any channel other than BBC1 'coz Dr Who is shite!

18th June 2005, 18:29
Dr Who is the best family entertainment on telly

18th June 2005, 18:35
Is it better than Red Dwarf? :rolleyes

18th June 2005, 20:16
Great episode yet again. Havent enjoyed such a series for years.

How was Celebrity Wrestling Spod?:rollin

18th June 2005, 21:38
Darn. Missed it again due to being out socialising. That's happened every show bar 3. I really must get in more.

18th June 2005, 22:39
Missing Who's on base, makes you a homosexual!!!

Apart from Spod who only does it with animals! 8o

18th June 2005, 23:03
Typical...all spoilt by male to male kissing... I thought the new female admirer of Dr Who & Piper were going to suggest a threesome ....but then the Darleks put paid to her

Influences seen this episode:

Mars Attacks

when does Piper get her head transplant?

18th June 2005, 23:06
Apart from Spod who only does it with animals!

Errr, Mrs Spod wants a word with you MF...

Unfortunately, she only speaks English, can you get a translator?

19th June 2005, 08:45
"Errr, Mrs Spod wants a word with you MF..."

I thought she might, she left her knickers in my car.8o

19th June 2005, 10:26
Typical...all spoilt by male to male kissing...

Oh contraire - I thought that bit was quite touching [down, Spod, down!].

It made a change from the (repressed) manly handshake...

Not So Wise
19th June 2005, 15:24
Thought it was very well done, from Rose not the doctor saving the day down to how they handled the Captain/Doctor kiss (was so expecting them to cop out with just a handshake/hug)

Only thing not sure about, new doctor, looks vaguely familiar but cannot place him, but definitely looks too young, have a feeling this xmas episode will be a tester for him before they risk an entire series

19th June 2005, 15:41
Chappie played Casanova on BBC2 apparently.

However it pans out, it's still miles better than Sylvester McCoy with Bertie Basset as the Big Bad...