View Full Version : Blair - Europe going according to plan

Ivor bigun
18th June 2005, 14:06
Well, you have to admire Blair - He gets close to the heart of Europe before revealing his hand - to de-rail it from the superstate. No wonder Maggie declared him a man to trust.
It should be interesting how this pans out.
The UK knew all along that enlarging the EU would weaken it and the French people (stupid lemmings) have further weakened France's hand on the EU tiller.
What happens will depend on who takes over the European presidency after the UK - because nothing will be decided while TB is at the helm.
Scenes of a captainless ship in a stormy sea come to mind with no doubt in my mind that this will be capitalised on by the US.
There could be strong moves by the US - such as a trade war / Reduction in contributions to the UN.
I would bet there is now a strong likelyhood of an Israeli air-strike at Iran.

19th June 2005, 11:18
Did she? She must be senile.

It depends who she meant. None of the European governments trust him. Most of the UK people don't, according to those newspaper polls.

She must mean the utterly brainless.

19th June 2005, 13:39
or very sarcastic.