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11th July 2013, 12:28
Hi guys,

I am planning to move to the UK from New Zealand, for a bit of O.E. and work in the I.T. sector. There is an umbrella company that goes by the name of Global Generator that ran a seminar over here in Auckland, and they have been quite helpful in terms of providing information regarding moving to the UK etc.

I am just wondering if anyone on this forum has used them, and if they are reputable? I cannot really find any reviews on them.


11th July 2013, 12:38
I've never heard of 'em, but they seem to be a solid umbrella not offering stupid 'wealth management' retention rates.

I don't know about their expenses policy but that's for you to research.

11th July 2013, 12:59
Interesting that the .co.uk address is registered in NZ.

Seems a very complicated set up with a number of companies registered at the same address all 1 man director things and associated with employment but they do seem to have a facebook page with a day out on it. A couple of the people in the photos are some of the directors of the companies I just mentioned.

They could just be a set of young(ish) entrepreneurs with a good idea. Getting people to sign up to them before getting work in the UK seems a clever idea.

Not to sure I would be too happy trusting my wage with a company that has assets of £118,332, liabilities of £132,591 (Net worth -14,259) and only 100k in the bank though.

Would seriously think about doing some more research on them and getting their credit checked. As I said there seems to be a number of companies there so could be a red herring.

11th July 2013, 13:47
All I know is that they are run by NZ directors, who used be contractors themselves in the finance sector, and came up with the company to make it easier for kiwis to make the transition over. I am guessing their customer base would mostly be people from NZ.

They help with little things such as information and means to setup bank accounts and prepay phone number with Vodafone before arriving there, which is free off charge, even if you don't sign up. Also if signing up before leaving NZ, they arrange for relocation costs, which is particularly attractive for me, as I can claim back my travel and temp accommodation cost.

As far as their fees are concerned they charge £28 per week and no hidden costs for leaving.

I'll definitely dig deeper and find out more about them. Cheers

Global Generator
11th July 2013, 16:37
Hi KKinlondon,

Thanks for asking about us. I'm happy to provide the forum some information about us, as we are a relatively new business and as such are also quite small compared with some of the bigger players in the market. As has been suggested on the forum already, we are a standard expense based umbrella, but one that has some advantages for people relocating from overseas as long as they are able to find work in a reasonable time and come to the UK from their home countries within 7 days of departure.

We are part of the Global Group and part of the service that Global Career Link provides for people from Australia and New Zealand who are relocating to the UK to work - although as a UK expense based umbrella we can help anyone contracting in the UK. The Global Group has been around since 2000 and includes the international business, Global Generator and also Global Attract (recruiting directly into New Zealand).

I won't go into too much detail because I don't want to be labelled as a spammer. We are financially secure though and do have the backing of the whole Global Group. If you'd like to contact us directly kkinlondon, we would be happy to put you in touch with one of our employees to speak with you about the service we provide. Or you could contact your Job Seeker Advisor if you're using Global Career Link's services.

Global Generator