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29th July 2013, 09:38
Tracey Sharp I shared my husband with his six other wives | News & Real Life | Closer Online (http://www.closeronline.co.uk/2013/01/tracey-sharp-i-shared-my-hubby-with-his-6-other-wives)

Incredibly, her fiancé, Philip Sharp, was still married to his estranged wife of 17 years – and, even more shocking, he was living with another “wife,” and planning to take six more, including Tracey, who would all live with him.

"He claimed he’d received a calling from God"
He’d began his bizarre lifestyle in 1999, while working as a rabbi in a Messianic Jewish Synagogue in Hove, Sussex.

He claimed he’d received a calling from God telling him he was a king from the Old Testament and should take numerous wives. Over the next four years, he “married” seven women, but he was disowned by the Jewish faith.

29th July 2013, 09:41
No, Yes, Maybe, No Yes, Yes, Hell No

Doggy Styles
29th July 2013, 09:41
What sort of job do you apply for as a de-frocked rabbi?