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30th July 2013, 18:05
My agency contract ended with my client early July and I finished.
However in the last couple of days the client has contacted me and offered me a short term 6 week agreement.
However because they are a local authority they have said I must use a council appointed agency ( previous agency was not and now the old contract has ended they cannot set them up as a new provider)

I am mindful if I pass the new agency contract to my umbrella details it will flag up the non solicitation clause and they will not process it.

Could I just set up with a new Umbrella Agency and not mention the previous contract and hope for for the best.??

My previous agency shouldnt find out as soon as they knew my contract was close to ending I have not heard a thing from them. No attempt has been made to place me elsewhere.

Thoughts appreciated

Thanks in Advance

31st July 2013, 08:37
If there is a valid restriction in the contract, then the only thing the agency could ever chase you for would be for a loss of earnings. Since they have no chance of providing anyone to the client, they have lost nothing.

Alternatively, terminate your employment with the umbrella company and choose a new one, or go Ltd.