View Full Version : Query on Changing Brolly

31st July 2013, 09:32
Changing Brolly because of an issue with a solicitation clause and the insistence of the client to reissue a new contract with an approved framework supplier
I have a couple of queries:

1 ) I only worked on one assignment with the previous brolly, albeit renewed about 7 times:eyes but with widely varying locations. Therefore could they say it was only a single assignment and inform the HMRC over my expenses.
However I am still working for the same same client albeit through another brolly

2 ) How will my new brolly know my mid year position over expenses claimed to date


1st August 2013, 07:03
HMRC guidance on this subject states that it must be your intention to work on more than one assignment whilst in the employment of your umbrella company