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Lucifer Box
18th June 2005, 16:22
Britain's first legally recognised humanist wedding has taken place in Edinburgh, at the city's zoo.

Karen Watts and Martin Reijns were united by a humanist celebrant after it was agreed that previous rules were restrictive and discriminatory.

Rules on the venues in which Scottish couples can marry had been relaxed, but services still had to be carried out by a minister of religion or registrar.

Humanist representatives have demanded the same changes in England and Wales.

Humanists believe that people can live ethical lives without religious beliefs.

Before the changes, anyone choosing a humanist wedding had to have a civil ceremony beforehand to legalise the marriage.
Pair tie knot at humanist wedding (http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/scotland/4102310.stm)

I think Hitler was the best man.

18th June 2005, 16:45
A small victory for rationality, lucidity and common sense in a sea of ignorance, superstition and stupidity. May they prosper and have many kids as intelligent as themselves.:D

Can't believe this can't be done in England:(

Lucifer Box
18th June 2005, 17:07
It's not all bad. Under current laws it is forbidden to mention religion in a civil ceremony in England. However, the usual suspects are agitating for this to be changed.