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17th June 2005, 13:56
Looks like my big global programme has been given the go ahead. I am truly happy. Ladies and gentleman of this board I pray that you and your families will have a wonderful and safe weekend.

Chico out.

17th June 2005, 13:58
Good Luck, Chico. Is this a public sector client?

17th June 2005, 13:59
You've been accepted into Opus Dei?

When do they fit the leg chain?

17th June 2005, 14:01
Chico, I hope you get hit by a bus and die a slow agonising death only to realise what the rest of us knew all along...

17th June 2005, 14:03
that's a bit mean-spirited Spod!

(DG in beaten-to-it-mode)

17th June 2005, 14:30
>> gentleman of this board

Who's he?

17th June 2005, 14:36
What does he mean by Gentle?

I think the nearest we've got to that is GBG, he's light on his feet!

Gay Bored Geek
17th June 2005, 14:41
Spod, I love it it when you come over all hard

17th June 2005, 14:50

Debbie Reinvented
17th June 2005, 14:55
I'm very happy. Last day in boring project management role ... back to SAP development next week

:D :rollin :rollin :rollin

17th June 2005, 14:57
back to SAP development next week

I thought the SAP projects were dying out.

Debbie Reinvented
17th June 2005, 15:00
absolutely not (okay maybe I can't spell or mayb it's the leaving drink session).

My mobile has been ringing off the hook for the last two to three months with SAP development opportunities

17th June 2005, 15:01
There should be a big SAP implementation at the Inland Revenue pretty soon. Whether Cap Gemini will allow anyone else a sniff is another matter.

Debbie Reinvented
17th June 2005, 15:06
The Inland Revenue implementation is under way. I've spoken to a few agencys about work on this implementation at Basingstoke and Worthing sites. As usual with the IR they are really slow at making any decisions .......

17th June 2005, 15:07
What sort of rates ( ie. ABAP stuff ) were on offer ? I'm on a long contract so haven't ventured out into the outside world for a while. My phone has also been ringing a fair bit of late.

Debbie Reinvented
17th June 2005, 15:09
nowhere near as good as they used to be. between £300 and £400 a day

17th June 2005, 15:23
So there were a few 400 jobs around then !? The agents came out with lots of 400+ talk last time I looked but in reality it was 300-350, that was 15 months ago though.

Debbie Reinvented
17th June 2005, 15:32
15 months ago I didn't get a sniff at a contract, now they seem to be creeping out of the floorboards

17th June 2005, 15:46
The influx of overseas contractors when plenty visas were on offer a few years ago stuffed up the rates and still is keeping them down I think. At my current Co they tried to get somebody on a rubbish rate a month or 2 back and didn't get any CVs from UK contractors. A sign things had picked up but still enough CVs to stuff me up asking for more money.

Lucifer Box
17th June 2005, 18:03
Looks like my big global programme has been given the go ahead. I am truly happy
Chico, I am deeply shocked. Surely there is only one way to true happiness? I'd best get down the old worship hut pronto if I were you. God will not be happy at all.

17th June 2005, 18:29
Many things make me happy - thats the beauty of enjoying God's wonderful creation