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16th September 2013, 07:38
I was contracting for a well known bank, hint: they are part owned by the government.

Anyhow, they didnt pay me on time and terminated my contract early, but having anticipated all this, I had set off a code time bomb in there. So basically i set it up such that anybody who had lots of money in savings account would have their account disappear and be transferred to anybody who had huge over drafts. As compensation the savings account person would get the pension account of some boomer who was rattling about in his 5 bed detached home and spending his pension on cruises.

The timebomb went off this weekend, so waiting for the chaos to ensue :D

16th September 2013, 07:52
I am guessing that if you set a code bomb off in that place, it would be the only fully functioning code that actually worked properly :bang:

Old Greg
16th September 2013, 07:55
All I can say is that you owe MP £13.42 and a school rucksack.