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17th June 2005, 11:46
Margaret Hodge, the work and pensions minister, has come under fire from former MG Rover workers after she suggested the skilled workers should take jobs in a supermarket. Mrs Hodge described the labour market in the West Midlands - where more than 5,000 people lost their jobs in May - as "healthy" and said a new branch of Tesco's could provide job opportunities for former MG Rover workers. (http://news.independent.co.uk/business/news/story.jsp?story=647432)


17th June 2005, 11:49
The old adage of the UK being a nation of shop keepers is fast becoming the uk being a nation of shelf stackers.

17th June 2005, 12:08
I don't understand why that union chap keeps going on about skills. If the skills were required then Rover would not have shut down? If they are so highly skilled how come only one so far has managed to get a job at tescos? If they are so highly skilled how come so many are on training courses?

Please explain if I am missing something here...

17th June 2005, 12:15
Pretty simple really. They were skilled at making Rover cars. Not much call for that these days.:\

Lucifer Box
17th June 2005, 12:16
Friend of mine worked at Rover until the bitter end. He reckoned that of the 6,000 odd employees maybe one or two hundred could be called "highly skilled" and by that he meant they knew how to use a PC, attend site meetings, and supervise staff. He said most of the others were "skilled" in as much as it is a skill knowing how to wander around with a screwdriver tightening the occasional loose screw.

17th June 2005, 13:59
knowing how to wander around with a screwdriver tightening the occasional loose screw

I think this forum could do with someone like that

17th June 2005, 14:48
They were skilled at making Rover cars

Having driven a few Rovers I can confirm they were not very skilled at all. I can see quite a few struggling with the concept of putting a tin of baked beans on a shelf.
Praise be to Ms Hodge and her overactive gob for confirming that the policy of this Government is to turn GB PLC into a nation of shelf stackers and burger flippers. We were right all along. Now, where did I put that 'Plan B'...? :(

17th June 2005, 17:44
Let them eat cake....