View Full Version : my permie job offer fell through

16th June 2005, 19:34
I have been agonising for weeks about an offer for a permie role, I want the job but I also want the contractor lifestyle.

I told them today that I accepted the job but that I needed to put xK into the business to pay tax, xK to pay the accountant, and xK for the tax breaks after a year plus living expenses.

They replied 'We are over a barrel here - would you consider a rolling contract untill you are able to accept our offer?"

ker ching


16th June 2005, 22:08
Those contractor Gods are smiling, well done.

untill you are able to accept our offer
What do we reckon, about 5 years should do the trick...:eek

(oops, shouldn't have mentioned God - down Chico...) 8o

17th June 2005, 08:21
Mordy, I think you got away with that one!

17th June 2005, 12:28
Sounds like the criteria for GBP entry into the euro - when the time is right............

17th June 2005, 14:55
Good on you fulla :D

Enjoy the weekend :)