View Full Version : I reckon God....

John Galt
17th June 2005, 13:32
is getting really fed up with Chico. I mean, fans are all very well but this is more like stalking!! When he finally shuffles off this mortal coil bet he and St Peter will be having the 'I'm sorry Sir but he has moved' 'No I'm sorry there is no forwarding address' conversation and God will be sneaking out of the bathroom window, suitcase in hand and wearing a large hat and sunglasses

17th June 2005, 13:36

17th June 2005, 13:37
Yeah, poor old God. All his fans/stalkers are thick as planks. The other side gets all the quality.

Gay Bored Geek
17th June 2005, 13:44
Chico wasn't even my favourite Marx brother and I hate the Marx brothers.