View Full Version : Gordon Brown's ID scheme rescue plan

8th August 2006, 17:58
Oh sheeeeitttt :mad:


That's it - i'm out of this fecked up country.

8th August 2006, 18:20
Something to hide Bogeyman?

I think it's great. Barcode tatooed on the forehead, RFID chip under the skin and biometric chip'n'pin card in your pocket.

The government will know your every darkest secret.

I like the idea of charging £1 everytime you use it, £500 if you lose it and death penalty if you hack it.

8th August 2006, 19:12
Easy way to defeat all this. Hire some fuzzy-wuzzies to hang about in soho bars frequented by BBC hacks, and have them talk loudly about how it is an affront to muslims.

Quick-as-yer-like, it will be branded racist - and it might offend illegal immigrants, and, after a period of consultation (with 'community leaders'), it will be abandoned.

Personally, I also think the campaign for racial equality should ensure that there is a quota system for 'community leaders'. I find it racist that asian or black 'communities' are not represented by white people with equal talent.

8th August 2006, 19:33
ID cards should help facilitate speed dating.

8th August 2006, 19:49
You mean your semen sample on your crusty ID card, pinned to your pullover will, automatically attract ovulating females that are approved by new labour??? :eek:

John Reid will sort that out. After a period of consultation.

Board Game Geek
9th August 2006, 01:22
In "V for Vendetta" there was a memorable quote, which originated elsewhere (if you can be bothered, you can find the originator), which said...

"The People should not be afraid of their Government. The Government should be afraid of their people."

I can't help thinking, that the latter sentence is probably what is causing all the civil liberties erosion, induced mass hysteria of the current in vogue "muslim bogeyman" to cower the masses, and the relentless destabilisation and banditry of the fruits that people have worked hard to enjoy in order to keep them in a state of nervous fear.

Blast...was going to add more, but there's a knock on the door and a strange black van parked outsite......brb

9th August 2006, 09:18
I got something to hide.....LIKE MY PRIVACY !!!!

And anyway, did GB become PM whilst I was asleep last night or something ?
Shouldn't he be cracking on with the job or ripping off middle england rather than pretending to play Prime Minister ! The scottish MP's are paying us back for Braveheart ! :spank: