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30th May 2005, 10:15
It just saves us the bother.

It was unwieldy, overcomplicated, very ambiguous, and often impenetrable. It was for running a single, socialist Europe state, not for a free market.>:

For repeatedly trying to sell us down the river on Europe, I hope Tony Blair is kicked out of number ten, cannot keep up the mortgage on his £3.5 million house, and has to sell it at a big loss.:lol

Vindictive? Me?

30th May 2005, 10:23
Two points -

One - most of the French voted against Chirac and the French Goverment - nothing much to do with the European constitution.

Two - it won't make a blind bit of difference as the E.U. will go steamrollering ahead as per usual.

Quite funny though, nevertheless.

30th May 2005, 10:27
What was interesting is that the French voted against the constitution because it didn't represent a European socialist state.

Which just goes to show Europe is always what you preceive you don't want it to be.

The reason I'm against the EU is because of the infiltration of alien giant lizards into the EU-commission.

30th May 2005, 10:37
"The reason I'm against the EU is because of the infiltration of alien giant lizards into the EU-commission"

Ah, Blaster if only you knew.... 0] 0] 0] 0] 0]

30th May 2005, 12:25
Voting is so boring. Predictable outcomes, yes, no, this party, that party. Wouldn't it be nice if the french had voted "small lobsters"

30th May 2005, 12:55
We'll just keep on having referendums until the correct response is given.

30th May 2005, 13:05
That's how it always has worked. Preferably with another linked question as in the Irish one to ensure the correct answer, eg "Are you in favour of adopoting the European constitution and rejecting the legal use of infants in dogfood?".

30th May 2005, 13:10
Didn't anybody notice the sun being turned up to shine in the electorate's eyes whilst being posed the question?

If the Dutch vote No the entire EU population will be subjected to "white noise" until they vote yes.


30th May 2005, 17:27
> small lobsters

my father warned me that all french girls have these... or was it crabs?