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Alf W
16th August 2006, 20:47
I still remember that day with dread even though I walked mine. Mind you, they were much harder back then.

Every year I watch all the Breakfast TV coverage where they get some kid to supposedly open their results live on air only to find they get exactly what they wanted and are so smugly happy. Just once I'd like to see some kid who smugly believes they've done well, open their results to crushing disappointment.

16th August 2006, 21:13
When I was shopping in the west end the other day there were loads of friendly young ladies offering O and A level tuition. However, I though that advertising in telephone boxes was a bit odd, don’t all the kids today have mobile phones?

16th August 2006, 21:14
Come on then. Where are the pictures?

Lucifer Box
16th August 2006, 21:57
Come on then. Where are the pictures?

16th August 2006, 21:59
So is that what the government means when they say 'exam results are at an all time high'...?

17th August 2006, 00:13
Harder when I was a lad

17th August 2006, 07:36
Harder when I was a lad

I think you might need some viagra

17th August 2006, 07:47
Here we go!



17th August 2006, 07:54
Thanks Dim. Any twins, triplets or quadraplegics?

17th August 2006, 08:00
Sadly some folk will have to realise it's an HNC in Media Studies rather than a Law Degree.


17th August 2006, 08:31

I demand more pictures like this.

Emperor Dalek
17th August 2006, 08:34
There was a saucy minx on GMTV this morning (don't start, Mrs Emperor Dalek insists). The naughty cameraman kept zooming in on her wobbly cleavage.

In the absence of her, here's some generic girls celebrating receiving their first A-level experience...


17th August 2006, 08:35

I think the BBC are winning at the moment.

17th August 2006, 10:25
Some from 2002 outside my old school as well...


More babes:


17th August 2006, 12:19
UK contractor rates squeezed by influx of eastern block migrants.

"Haa haa! how much? I wouldn't get out of bed for less than 1k a day"

17th August 2006, 12:21
Couldn't we have a few pictures of young girls, wearing only clumpy shoes, hugging and touching each other as they receive their A-level grades?

The Lone Gunman
17th August 2006, 12:24
Why does it seem that all the pictures are of girls? Is the Muslim in one of the BBCs pictures a token gesture or part of a more subtle plot?

17th August 2006, 12:26
It's working OK now. Thanks everyone.

17th August 2006, 12:28

"Haa haa! how much? I wouldn't get out of bed for less than 1k a day"But would they get into it for less? Together?

BTW This is more like it. Traditional A-Level reporting at the CUK.

Alf W
17th August 2006, 17:57
What's depressing is that I've worked out that none of this latest batch of A-Level kids was born when I got my results. :eek: