View Full Version : Facilitating change

25th May 2005, 18:58
I have recently started a new contract but the programmers i work with seem to be quite resistant to change. This is a pity because the applications I am supposed to be maintaining, while clever in some detail, are very poorly designed. It is taking me ages to work out the intricacies and show some sort of progress.

I have mentioned using OR Mappers and a Model View Controller design pattern but not only are they not interested, but openly skeptical. Last week I finished a new application in 2 days after they had allocated 2 weeks for its completion. I would have thought they would show some interest in how I achieved this but it has only made them more resistant. I am very careful of sounding condescending but I think it boils down to the fact they are happy with the status quo.

I'm just interested in how other people have handled situations like these.