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24th February 2014, 19:21
Former head teacher spanked wife with plimsoll as punishment for affair

Graham Jones spanked his wife and created pie charts to show how much pain she had caused him


" A former head teacher of a primary school spanked his wife as punishment for having an affair after drawing up pie charts to detail how much pain she had caused him.

Graham Jones, 44, told his wife that she would receive eight blows- one for each day he had known about her relationship.

Jones bent his wife over a freezer in their cellar and spanked her with a plimsoll before she escaped to the kitchen.

There he told her she had four more hits to come and used a spatula to deliver them.

Crying and screaming, Mrs Jones was left with bruising and reddening.

Jones admitted spanking his wife at Mold Crown Court in North Wales, but claimed she had consented to his behaviour.

He received an eight month prison sentence, suspended for two years and was sent on a domestic violence course. "

Source: Former head teacher spanked wife with plimsoll as punishment for affair - Telegraph (http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/uknews/crime/10658815/Former-head-teacher-spanked-wife-with-plimsoll-as-punishment-for-affair.html)


24th February 2014, 19:25
Relieved to note he is a "former" head teacher.

24th February 2014, 19:38
Spare the plimsoll, spoil the child...


24th February 2014, 19:59
What a pathetic individual, no wonder she felt the need to play away.

24th February 2014, 20:22
I was hoping to see the pie charts tbh.

24th February 2014, 21:02
I was hoping to see the pie charts tbh.


24th February 2014, 21:02
Some people pay good money to get spanked

But sending him on a domestic violence course is just wrong, he'll being using violet wands next

24th February 2014, 21:04
Mrs BP thinks it is appropriate whenever I stray.....

24th February 2014, 21:04
In court his lawyer said that Mrs Jones had sent her husband a text two days before the offence which indicated she was willing to engage in adventurous sexual behaviour.
Leaving court Mr Jones said: ""I don't know what we are doing here.
"Only 32 hours before hand I received a text from her telling me she had been naughty, deserved to be punished and she consented to spanking as she has done over the years.
"But it is me which is made out to be the bad guy."

hmm more to this than meets the eye.