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26th February 2014, 06:50

I am a mum of young children and after many years of working for big companies, I have decided that might not be the best option for me.

I am looking to work from home and have found a couple of consulting firms who are happy to give me work I can do from home on an adhoc basis.

It may also be possible to take on short contracts that come up from time to time near my home town.

There are also some firms that allow you to bid for work that I can do at home.

The thing is I won't be earning enough money doing this to have to pay tax.

Should I set up as a sole trader, start a limited company or use an umbrella company? It is all so confusing!

I am planning to do this for about 3 years to keep my hand in and also have something for my CV so it doesn't look too blank.

Thank you,


26th February 2014, 09:35
If the client will let you, then sole trader is the simplest. If not, then your best bet would be to look at a trustworthy umbrella - Ltd just isn't worth it at the income level you describe.

Good luck with it, and welcome :wave:

26th February 2014, 09:40
Agree with DirtyDog - your best bet would be to register as a sole trader - if the work is irregular then an umbrella company would not really be a suitable option for you