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5th May 2014, 15:35
Ukip cancels Freepost address after the party is sent blood and faeces - Home News - UK - The Independent (http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/home-news/ukip-cancels-freepost-address-after-the-party-is-sent-blood-and-faeces-9323590.html)

5th May 2014, 17:48
Typical lefty crap.

speling bee
5th May 2014, 18:50
Typical lefty crap.

Typical right wing muddled thinking. ;)

The League Against Cruel Sports today revealed that they had so far received a vanload of mail as a result of a Freepost ‘scam’ perpetrated by the pro-hunting lobby. Hunt supporters have sent a variety of items including bricks, excrement, heavy books and abusive letters – one involving bestiality – to the League after an email, citing the support of the Countryside Alliance (CA), was circulated urging them to do so using the League’s Freepost address. The address was published in the Evening Standard’s ‘Londoner’s Diary’ and Jeremy Clarkson’s column in the Sun on Saturday 17th December. Clarkson suggested that he was going to send a paving stone or a horse. The CA has since made an effort to distance itself from the scam.

Freepost Mail Scam - League Against Cruel Sports (http://www.league.org.uk/news-and-opinion/press-releases/2005/dec/Freepost-Mail-Scam)

5th May 2014, 20:58
Vote USH1T!

speling bee
6th May 2014, 08:34


6th May 2014, 09:12
I assume the Police are investigating in both situations?

speling bee
6th May 2014, 09:14
I assume the Police are investigating in both situations?

The one I quoted was nine years ago.