View Full Version : Looking to return to contracting - CV Tips Appreciated

Returning Techie
9th May 2014, 08:18
Quick hello to everyone, CV tips appreciated.

I am looking to return to contracting after a 7 year gap (have been working in corporate and SME sales) and I need some tips on CV presentation.

My certifications (retired Win 2000 MCSE) are long past it and I last worked on a network in 2006 after finishing a 9 month contract for one of the national newspaper groups. My Plan is to roll out Win 7 for the next 12 months and keep it simple and to ease my way back in technically.

The contract agency I last worked for suggested I land a new certification to make it easier to sell me out to companies and I am sitting the 70-680 next week having lobbed and studied for this for the past 10 weeks.

Any help in setting up a CV format / template would be appreciated as I have issues the format at the moment and I cannot do a 1 pager with contract dates for obvious reasons. Thanks in advance for all replies, both constructive and the amusing ones !