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29th May 2005, 12:35
Linq (http://observer.guardian.co.uk/politics/story/0,6903,1494944,00.html)

Personally I still think they are far too conservative with the potential costs.

The biometrics I've heard are still running at a 30% failure rate. :lol

Not So Wise
29th May 2005, 13:24
is considered controversial because personal details on the central database can be accessed by public sector organisations,
Hmm never knew that, while i support the ID cards this is do not support at all

29th May 2005, 14:24
Not So Wise: Not to accuse you of being a little dense, but here is threadeds theorem on New Lie Scumervent announcements: "1) When anyone from the New Lie say X is the intention, Not X and worse will be the outcome. 2) Not X will be achieved by doing some really really stupid thing Y."

So, here is an example application of threadeds theorem on New Lie Scumervent announcements: in the case of ID cards they say they are to prevent identity theft. Well, understanding of the theorem will tell you that these ID cards will actually aid identity theft. And the second part? Now how can a government go about aiding identity theft? So simple really, just create a monstrous central database, with everyones details on, easily accessible to any civil savant and their dog/cat/pet budgie.

And don't forget, in the "War Against Terror"(tm) your full details will also be given to the Americans, who will pass them on to private companies, who will add completely erroneous data just to make the occasional quiet nobodies' life more interesting.

Remember guys and gals, if you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear, apart from what your government gets up to of course...:lol

29th May 2005, 14:56
www.no2id.net/IDSchemes/faq.php#5 (http://www.no2id.net/IDSchemes/faq.php#5)

"Clause 19 of the Bill allows the disclosure of information from the register without the individual’s consent to (among other agencies) police organisations, the security services, Inland Revenue, the Department for Work & Pensions, the Serious Organised Crime Agency and Customs & Excise."

Now scroll down to read the items listed under "What personal information will be contained in the Register and on the Card?"

Read the rest, while you are there.

Lucifer Box
29th May 2005, 23:03
If you are innocent, you have nothing to fear.

That bloke who was released from chokey last week having spent 25 years in prison from the age of 15 for a murder he didn't commit.

Killing bid conviction overturned (http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/manchester/4579853.stm)

30th May 2005, 07:38
Civil liberties n'all aside........

I smell gravy!

30th May 2005, 07:44
ahhh Bisto.....



30th May 2005, 11:49
The integrity of an Id card is only ever as good (or bad) as the integrity of the information supplied to produce it.

The state and other organisations 'total reliance' of the Id card is dangerous as is their ever changing morality governing the use of the information held.

The set up cost would be a drop in the ocean compared to the ongoing costs that would 'develop' to so call 'manage' the system. Can you imagine the scale of the civil service and inherent bureaucracy that would emerge as a result.

Id cards now would be one of the worst deals ever imposed on us.

Lucifer Box
30th May 2005, 16:24
The Home Office estimates the annual running costs of the scheme to be £500m - reckon on treble that in reality.

30th May 2005, 22:29
Perhaps they can give it to EDS (Everything done @#%$)
and get it for a bargain £2 billion?

Of course it won't work, but that's a given.

30th May 2005, 22:41
At £300..that would put a huge strain on large families..say someone like my brother in law who has four kids..that 6 ID cards!!! -

Once again another over ambitious project by the civil service and New Labour.. No wonder unemployment is so low...they'll need 500 managers and 500 management consultants plus 500 Indian programmers to build it.

What is it with Brit gov't that every IT project has to be over the top?