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a) there isn't even an artist's impression of what the finished house will look like, let alone detailed drawings

b) you have to pay about half the money while the house is under construction, and it's non refundable
Brexit: the exit bill - Commons Library briefing - UK Parliament

c) completion is set for 31 Dec 2020 although, prior to July 2020, this date can be extended if the developer agrees

d) if the house isn't habitable by the completion date, you'll be stuck in limbo still having to pay for it

does it stop open EU immigration - tick
will it stop a massive economic downturn and ensure free trade with our biggest partner - tick
(details I know to be determined)
Will it keep the union - tick (as far as I can see)
can we do trade deals elsewhere - tick (these will take years anyway)

Lets just crack on - stop wasting time. Not everyone will be happy with any sort of deal.
Brexiters just want a hard exit - they dont care about businesses and jobs. (collateral damage)
And corbyn just cares about workers rights and the environment.