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    Quote Originally Posted by BlasterBates View Post
    The fact is the UK can't handle globalisation in whatever form and therefore its demise is now inevitable.

    You forget the jam.
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    Quote Originally Posted by original PM View Post
    Why is it a march against the Tories?

    It is a march against Brexit which has been agreed is going to happen via the democratic process.

    This is a march against democracy.
    Which democratic process is that?

    Here’s what Robert Peston tweeted earlier today:

    As I said earlier, there is a good chance that in meaningful votes on Tuesday and Wednesday, MPs will back either a softer form of Brexit that breaches the PM's red lines - on ending freedom of movement and negotiating trade deal - or Kyle/Wilson referendum plan. I have now asked eight members of the Cabinet whether they think @theresa_may would respect the will of parliament and negotiate either of those outcomes with the EU. All said she would not.
    Like the Brexit vote, people marched for many different reasons. Some want to Revoke, some want a People’s Vote, some would accept EFTA. Provided the process is democratic, and accepted in Parliament.

    The person that is not being democratic, is Theresa May.

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