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You're one of the ******* who keeps whinging about losing the referendum, isn't it time you lot MTFU?
Feel free to link to a post where I've whinged about losing the referendum

I said before the vote a leave win won't impact me, in fact due to the work I do I'll be better off. I've said since the vote that a crash out no deal won't impact me. Again, due to the work I do I'll do well out of this scenario. Doesn't mean this is what I want as I don't think it's good for the poor idiots who were fooled into voting out.

No whinging from me. I've now moved on to think the voters should get what they deserve. Let's have a no deal and get the popcorn out

It's you 'winners' that need to MTFU. You need to get over the fact you won but your team have failed to deliver anyhing