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    Quote Originally Posted by meridian View Post
    Did I? If I did, I didn’t mean to - clearly the U.K. pays in more cash then it gets back in cash (I’m being very specific with the wording there).

    The point was that Dyson’s payments are (effectively) from the U.K. anyway, and that this won’t stop in October.
    You're more bullish about getting out of the EU than I am...
    His heart is in the right place - shame we can't say the same about his brain...

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    £43m pounds, is Mr Vacuum Cleaner even cut out to be a rich person?

    Meet The Man Who Probably Just Spent $4.8 Billion On A Solid Gold Yacht - Business Insider
    Three-and-a-half years, two extensions, seven defections, 21 deselections, three prime ministers, countless amendments, two prorogations, one Supreme Court judgement, 66 million Brits losing the will to live and were still at square one...

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