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  • Tories want to leave the EU. It's too left wing. Nothing happens.
  • Labour want to leave the EU. It's too right wing. Nothing happens.
  • Suddenly some loony Tory pull the hand grenade pin. Everyone goes "Whaaaat!!!!!?????"
  • Labour say "We'll help save everyone". Labour hide in the basement waiting for the merde to hit the fan and the joy of walking over all the dead Tory bodies.
  • Tories send a four page letter to the EU sayiing "Do you want to hold the hand grenade?" The EU decline to join in.
  • The clock runs down and a terrible catastrophe occurs. (Well actually it doesn't. The whole nonsense just drags on into another never ending series of episodes of everyone saying the same thing. Another extension, a new government, a referendum etc etc. Untli? … nobody has the faintest idea when and how this can end)
They are good bullet points, but I'm pretty sure I counted six...