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    Quote Originally Posted by meridian View Post
    There’s no logic in voting Corbyn, but that may only apply if you live in Islington.

    In my case I would consider both Conservative and Labour Brexit policies to be damaging to the country. However, although my MP is a Labour MP, she’s a backbencher and spends most of her time dealing with local constituency issues. In other words, quote a good local MP.

    If the country’s going to be fscked either way, I may as well vote for someone who’s decent locally.

    (Of course, there will always then be people that CO-opt my vote to say “you voted for Corbyn” or “you voted for a Labour manifesto” when neither of these things are true...)
    There’s no logic in voting Corbyn
    but all the donkeys in my area will do so.

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    Quote Originally Posted by saptastic View Post
    so whatever your traditional politics are - I can understand someone voting Lib Dems, someone voting Boris / Farage but I cant see any logic at all in Corbyn's stance.

    Of course that is if it is was a single issue general election.

    It is not

    So therefore taking Brexit out .........

    I definitely cant see any logic in voting Corbyn.
    I'm registered in a Tory / Labour marginal, so no point voting Lib Dem. Will be voting Labour.
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