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    Quote Originally Posted by Uncle Albert View Post
    Yes, this deal guarantees a united Ireland. It also makes Scotland's Indie ref V2 a near on certainty and this time the union will lose.

    Hey Unc, you might want to put the glue away and cut back on those "organic" mushrooms.

    “The period of the disintegration of the European Union has begun. And the first vessel to have departed is Britain”

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    Quote Originally Posted by shaunbhoy View Post

    Some of us are contractors and have a bit more experience in reading contracts before we sign them.

    The boards are rife with “buyer’s remorse”.

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    Quote Originally Posted by shaunbhoy View Post
    No authority, but considerable influence.

    Fact is, we now have a Deal that is acceptable to both the EU and HMG.

    It is also likely to be acceptable to the vast majority of those that voted to Leave 3 years ago so in essence delivers what the majority requested.

    For all the negativity and naysaying still being deployed by desperate Bremoaners, it seems likely that enough MPs will be of a mind to vote for it.

    The Tory "Rebels" who were so vehemently opposed to "No Deal" now have a way back in, and the large number of Labour MPs sitting in charge of Leave voting constituencies (many of whom despise Jezza for a whole raft of reasons outwith this issue) will be acutely aware that their ass will be grass at the forthcoming GE if they don't get behind this Deal.

    The DUP will also be aware that the majority of people in NI voted Remain, so this current compromise is likely to be broadly acceptable to their provincial electorate. Their current sabre-rattling will gradually recede over the next couple of days as a few backdoor sweeteners are pitched into the mix.

    And there you have it folks, the outcome that we could and should have had 2-3 years ago had a Brexiteer been put in charge of negotiations from Day One instead of the ineffectual Maybot.

    Just the last few loose ends to be tied up now and we can get on with shaping the future that those of us with backbone, vision, and confidence always anticipated.


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