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    rom CityAM Monday: Sir Charlie Bean, former deputy governor of the Bank and one of Britain’s most respected economists, says

    Quote Originally Posted by Cirrus View Post
    He's barking up the wrong tree. Brexit is somewhat like the UK/USA productivity problem - it is causing slowly declining living standards for the majority of the population. You could question whether the hard Brexit we are now facing won't actually be more disruptive but that's not the big issue.

    The big issue is 17 million people voted in a completely stupid way, contrary to all the evidence presented unambiguously to them. That ticking time bomb was always frightening. It still is, but of course it has already created a massive explosion - the equally stupid voting in of the Boris/Cummings Junta. Goodness know what damage that is going to cause. So Sir Charlie really needed to comment on how secondary Brexit effects compare to productivity stagnation.

    As an aside: productivity stagnation has been shown to be caused by a severe drop in tangible investment (in the UK and USA) from somewhere around 2000. The only measures that will correct this are exactly contrary to the right-wing, low-tax, free-market, mantras traditionally spewed out by the Tories and particularly so with the current encumbents of 10 Downing Street.
    Are you stating, that you think there's an argument to be had with Charlie Bean ("whether the hard Brexit we are now facing won't actually be more disruptive but that's not the big issue.")

    Thought you remain voters were the ones who looked to 'experts' to guide you?

    Is that no longer the case? or,
    Are you not a remain voter, or
    Do you not respect him now?
    or other? please specify...
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    Quote Originally Posted by LondonManc View Post
    Voted in a stupid way IN YOUR OPINION.

    EVERYONE voted in a stupid way in my opinion. There was not enough evidence presented to the public in a meaningful way. Brexiters were unfairly never warned that brown people aren't from eastern Europe and Remainers were never warned that they'd still be allowed to cross the channel after Brexit.
    But I may not be able to work there after January 1st 2021 because my passport will be the wrong colour...

    And I have worked in Germany, Austria, Bulgaria and Denmark since the referendum...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cirrus View Post
    He's got you there, Scooter.

    And anyway I'm a boomer and all my friends are. Most of us did not vote for Brexit. One did but he is schizophrenic and thinks the EU are out to get him, One doesn't like the country being turned into a concrete jungle through immigration. The third - well he's never explained why he voted and now seems to regard Brexit as a strange phenomenon totally unrelated to the cross he put on the ballot paper.

    You are probably right that old people are more likely to be Homo Brexitis but it's not fair to tarnish all us boomers with the same brush.
    They are old enough to remember the days when they were able to vote for the people who ran the country?
    His heart is in the right place - shame we can't say the same about his brain...

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