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    Quote Originally Posted by Paddy View Post
    Where did you get the information about " 1000's of small operators that export high value stuff exclusively to the EU".

    Currently there are just about 4,000 working fishing vassals in the UK. Are you trying to deduce that each fishing boat is a separate export business? If you look at Billingsgate Fish Market, you will find about 20 fish wholesalers; those same wholesalers have branches around the fishing ports of the UK. The number of fish exports around the UK would logically only amount to a few tens at the maximum and in fact it is probably less than ten. So where did you get 1000's of high value exporters from?
    Don't know where you get your figures from, but there are over 4000 under ten metre vessels registered in the UK and, if I remember correctly , just under 2000 over ten metre boats, so just about 6000 vessels.

    Of the 'under ten metre' boats, most of them catch high value catches such as live langoustine, king and queen scallops etc, which have little of no value in the UK market. The majority sell their catches to distributors such as Scotprime. The live langoustines for export fetch more than double at wholesale than they would at retail for the UK market. They are collected and packed daily and delivered the next day (still alive) to buyers in France, Italy, Spain etc where they have an appreciation for that kind of thing and will pay for it. That market does not exist (at least with significant volume) in the UK.

    Adding tariff barriers may be something that can be overcome, but adding physical delays to that kind of trade will kill it stone dead.
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    Only on this forum could a thread entitled 'meat' become a thread about 'fish'...

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    I kind of wonder really the type of people that become contractors. I don't think they are hired for their logical reasoning based on this contractor forum.
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