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Hi all,

I am a permie hoping to move into contracting. I'm a bit uncertain about one thing though, my notice period.

I have a 4 week notice period with my job but I can't hand my notice in without having somewhere to go (mortgage, bills etc).

Quick start times for contracts seem to be the norm so I was wondering if anyone has not worked their notice period in a situation like this? To be honest I have had enough of my job so much that it personally doesn't bother me getting a contract and saying see ya! Just want to avoid any negative ramifications for the future.

Many thanks

If you are niche skill - a client may wait for you during your notice period. Depends how desperate they are and the state of the market.

Negotiate it down from the 4 weeks and use you leave up to reduce the gap.

Personally I would attempt to secure a contract role, then hand in notice. That's what I did. But I don't work in IT.