Agency contract, registered or trading address? Agency contract, registered or trading address?
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    Default Agency contract, registered or trading address?

    I have a limited company and am working with a new agency. They are insisting that the contract uses my registered address (my accountants) rather than my trading address (my home). Is there a legal requirement to use the registered address? I would rather use my trading address as am about to change my accountants.

    Any advice would be great.

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    You are suppose to use your registered address on official paper work as if things go wrong that's the address notices go to.

    If you change registered addresses as long as it's recorded at companies house then it's up to the people chasing you to find it.

    Oh and if you do change it as long as your business paperwork, emails etc all have it then it's not an issue if the contract has the old one.
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    +1 to this. Look through all your contracts with companies and in fact any correspondence. It should say registered address on everything.
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