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    Quote Originally Posted by founder View Post
    is it a scam?
    Bet they want you to update your CV and suggest a £500 company to do so

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    Quote Originally Posted by jayn200 View Post
    Why so many years in 2nd line support and why support with a CS degree?
    I did not do a gap year in uni and gain that valuable 1 year work experience. So, when I graduated, I had no work experience related to my degree. I looked around for a year and finally threw the hat and went into support. Most of my mates did the same. At the end of the day, working to survive is far important.

    Quote Originally Posted by uk contractor View Post
    Sorry that is not interesting at all! You live in a bubble or never made it into the bigger leagues!

    I was taking home (not earning!) £80K PA well over 20 years ago doing 2nd line trader support in the square mile back in the days when lunchtime was 2-3 hours in a pub (paid for by the end client) then another 1-2 hours in a lap dancing club (all paid by the end client). The managers did not bat an eyelid nor care as work was done & everyone was happy!

    I know ex contractors who were getting £160K PA doing 3rd line support in the square mile 25 years ago (when contractor tax & ni were almost non existent!)! others I worked with got so many shares when they joined as perms (from contractor) they were millionaires when they cashed them in due to the size of their property portfolios the IT income (only their secondary income stream!) allowed them to build!

    Now things are way different if you got £100 a day for 2nd line support WFH or not the rate would be similar as your competing with tens of thousands of contractors if you could even get the contract to begin with!

    IT Support goldrush ended about 7-8 years ago its been a race to the bottom eversince.

    Retrain into a niche AI, dev or cloud role then try to blag it (going to be difficult now as the hiring manager will insist on technical tests to prove you can backup your CV) or start a business in another sector or if you can afford to wait the pandemic lockdowns out & see if demand picks up (not likely for support but for cloud & other sidelined projects perhaps it might see some traction in Q3-Q4).
    Things have changed considerably over the years. Pay has gone downhill. When I was in my first role, we had a guy in our team who did Trader support only and he was on 100k and even slept at work in a bed! Meanwhile, rest of the guys in the team were on 20k. I have never liked traders. Yes, you get paid more to support them but how much do you want to degrade yourself as a human being?
    Thank you for the suggestion of looking into going into Cloud.

    Quote Originally Posted by uk contractor View Post
    Too late now but staying in the same place was the correct answer as eventually everyone else leaves & you become last man standing so they start to develop your career & give you your dream IT job in the organisation!

    The harsh reality for me & many others is we stayed as contractors for way too long due to £££ greed then would not accept lower rates, or perm offers for the same role so now the music has stopped & you have tens of thousands of highly skilled, highly experienced IT contractors not realistically able to get another decent IT contract due to the pandemic reducing demand & shutting most offices for the immediate future.

    That is the harsh daylight reality how you handle & accept that is down to what you have learned business wise.
    That geeza at my first place is still doing 2nd line. He's still on 20k. Thank God I moved on

    Btw, 2nd line perm roles these days pay between 3k-35k.

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