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    Quote Originally Posted by GigiBronz View Post

    Hookers, Booze and Dancers

    Joke aside...

    People like to lie to themselves that they have success because they want to and also because they always compare themselves with the people around them.
    I guess that is one of the wrong paths to take in life, looking for happiness when they actually should aim to be content.

    back to our subject, 100k per year which would make a lot of peacocks very proud it's only 5.5k per month.
    After you pay student loans, 3k in rent because you have to stay in zone 1-2 the job will ask you to do 12h per day. Child care. clothes, holidays. you'd be pretty much left with nothing.

    You would be lucky to have a wife/girlfriend to earn at least 60k but if anything happens and you get her pregnant... you'd learn pretty quick how borderline poor you are.

    That is how chaps doing doing 300-400k jump of buildings, because when the gravy train stops they realise there is no way they can manage to stay afloat more than 2 months.

    People have fallen in the trap of HR where you are paid just enough to not complain but not enough to afford not woking 6 months after ending a role. Anyone saying market forces is delusional, it's an oligopoly and unions that set the salaries. You will have no word.

    I think people here should learn from their brothers across Atlantic, Americans tend to be more stand-up people although in all fairness they have been shafted on everything else themselves also.
    At £100K and 1p no more free 30 hour childcare allowance per week (about £1200 extra a month you need to find in London )

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    Quote Originally Posted by GhostofTarbera View Post
    Stopped as don’t see many "friends" due to lockdown these days, normal service will be resumed at some point

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    Just saw a big recruiter and also the most dodgiest that I know of looking for Trade floor support and needs someone with experience of Blackberry and BES experience. Screams fishing all the way!

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    I recall my current agent having a couple of dozen live job on their website when i got my current gig through them in 2018.

    Currently they have 5 live jobs on their website.
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