What is the General View on Leaving A Contract Early With Notice? What is the General View on Leaving A Contract Early With Notice? - Page 2
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tractor Trace View Post
    I am 2 months into a 6 month contract (renewed after having done 3 months). The rates ok but the work I have moved onto doing has not turned out to be what I was expecting, as well as being pulled into another 'project' that is tulip. I've never pulled out of a contract before but this time I want out and the contract is written with a one week's notice either side.

    How do you deal with explaining finishing a contract early when you are looking for new gigs? Have you just stated your last day as the date when the contract ends or given the original end date and told the truth? Is not seeing a contract through viewed in a bad light? I have no other contract lined up yet.
    As long as you have a good number of start to finish projects on your Cv you can afford the occasional "hike". it is when you make a habit of not completing stuff or have too many short contracts that people get wary.
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    I read a lot on this topic over the last few months... I had 6 months contract renewed 2 times, the last few months were horrible - boring tasks and very slow. I was waiting for house purchase to be finalized, so couldn't leave. Finally, I accepted 3rd extension, did some work for a couple more weeks and then gave notice once a new opportunity came along.

    Not ideal - I know. But I was reasonable with everyone - client, agency, new client. Looks like everyone is happy and supportive. I think in most cases they will be... good luck.

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    Look for something else, say that you're available immediately as it'll take a week to turn round the contract, especially if you send it for review while you're serving notice.
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