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    Still gathering requirements...

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    I am currently contracting with HPE and they have been bought by CSC.

    Where I am, they have just got rid of 8 contractors as they try and save money.

    I take you will be based in the UK and not in Germany?

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    More time posting than coding

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    Welcome to DXC Technology!
    What a meaningless name that appears to be.

    Another 300+ getting CR or VR from HPe by end of March ahead of the merger.
    Really glad I don't work there anymore.

    I am now an HPe client so face off to increasingly demoralised workers, quite a few of the staff going this time are in pools of one so they don't even get to play the 'will it be me this time' game.
    So now I am worried, am I being deceived, just how much sugar is really in a spoon full!

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