Indirect Loss and Indemnity Indirect Loss and Indemnity
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    Default Indirect Loss and Indemnity

    I am inn current contract discussions with an agency about certain clauses relating to indemnity (nothing new there).

    Having had the contract legally reviewed it was pointed out that the clauses relating to indemnity also cover indirect loss. As indirect loss is out of my control I have been advised it is unlikely to be covered by insurances and I would be unlikely to get insurance to cover such a situation.

    Help on any of the following questions is greatly appreciated:

    Q1 - Any advice on additional wording that can be appended to the indirect loss clause?
    Q2 - Has anyone requested a clause that relates to a cap on the indirect loss and if so can you share wording?
    Q3 - Any advice on if indirect loss and impact on insurances?
    Q4 - Any advice on how to negotiate this with the agency and what key points to raise? (the obvious one on the insurances doesn't phase them)

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    Pay for an appropriate professional to reword it for you.

    Ask your reviewer to do it.
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