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    This Monday went for a face to face and they asked me 'Why am I a contractor and would I consider a perm role in their company'. My answer was that I am not good in playing politics therefore it wouldn't suit me. Got the contract and am starting next week.

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    Still gathering requirements...

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    One more thing to add. Contractors should do their work only and not get involved in permanent role Drama. Especially if you want to be safe from IR35.

    I don't care one whit if anyone hates me or likes me outside my immediate team and the person signing my invoice. I am there to deliver and that is all. London especially is notorious for it's corporate offices being rude and snotty. I hate it and how I survive that BS is being just as rude and snotty. It helps if you want to avoid being overly friendly.

    Do your job and go home. Learn if you are lucky and network if you can. No one will fault you if you work hard and deliver even if they don't like you.

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