Agencies asking for previous contracting rates. What is your view? Agencies asking for previous contracting rates. What is your view? - Page 4
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    I've taken to using the NDA approach which for at least a couple of my clients has been the case, there's a clause in there that stipulates I may not discuss any aspect of the contract with an unrelated 3rd party and that includes the rate.

    I then lighten the mood by telling the agent that I could tell them but the second I do, black helicopters would probably descend from on high and whisk them away...

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    Quote Originally Posted by psychocandy View Post
    But then you may have coughed up a perfectly good gig just because of 5 minutes of poor agent behaviour. To expect good, honest behaviour from ALL agent throughout the process is like expecting my cat to drive me home from the pub in my car.
    I guess my cat does drive me home. To me it centres around how many of these calls are actually going to produce an interview? or are even against a genuine requirement.

    For me, I very rarely get these types of calls. Do I feel that I'm missing anything, not really. -- They can only farm you if you let them.

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