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    I just want to explain my situation and ask for help. I am British Citizen, recently formed a Limited Company in England, also an IT consultant (Software developer) and have got a contract work at a Bank in Paris.

    To Start my work there my company need to make a contract with another company (Say Company A) who are registered with the Bank. The process will be like, Company A will do an agreement with the bank for the Work. I then will make a agreement with the Company A. I will receive my daily rate in Pounds from that French Company, Company A.

    I have to produce the and the company A will pay me my daily rate without deducting any tax. So this will be my company's income.

    So now I have to pay taxes. Please let me know if I can pay the taxes in UK or If I have to pay Tax in France and how it works.

    Many thanks.

    Regards, Biswajit

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    Generally where the work is done is where you pay the tax.

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    It would be more useful if you actually use a title that's pertinent to your situation rather than 'Please help'

    Surely whoever you got the contract through will have other contractors in the same situation and could advise?
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    If you are getting paid in the UK, to your UK company bank Account then its enough if you pay UK tax. That's why I always negotiate to get paid in the UK, in GBP, to my company A/c.

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    If you are working in Paris you pay tax in France.

    If you were to work in the UK at a bank and get paid by an intermediary in Switzerland and then you tax yourself there, HMRC would be down on you like a ton of bricks. The French tax authorities are no different.
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