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    Well it's pretty obvious



    IR35 wise contract was excellent through the agency and had a clean bill of health from QDOS and the main keypoint was working practices which were respected on their part for me being a independant third party contractor (which I pretty much supplied all my own equipment without issues).

    Their managers are quite relaxed and as such I had zero to minimal interference and I had freedom to decide and choose how projects were done along with equipment and timescales & planning.

    I wasn't on set times for working hours but again this wasn't a issue really as I chose to work very early in the morning and leave in the afternoon but alot of this boiled down to how much time I wanted to dedicate to my work.

    I didn't use their facilities but from what I saw, there were a lot of nice amenities for anyone to use along with hotdesks for contractors/visitors and they had functions like pizza friday where everyone was invited (Visitors, contractors,permies and guests).

    Rates wise was slightly above the standard market rate for my job spec but as such I found this only minor point concidering how good my work life was with them.

    Overall; A very chilled environment with a respectful hands-off attitude towards contractors

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    This thread is a wind up, right?

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    Default Use Glass Door, Linked In and HMRC

    I would check:

    1. Recommend sites such as Glass Door to assess employee feedback and interview feedback.
    2. Look at the Linked In profiles of the senior management. Assess how they write their profiles.
    3. HMRC to see that the company will not go bankrupt.
    4. Check sites that identify late payers.
    5. Google for any legals cases that the company has been involved in

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