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    Quote Originally Posted by Cid View Post
    is this a thing that is done ?
    does it look needy or does it not really matter as long as you score a gig.
    Don't ask, don't get.

    Do it.
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    I have two LinkedIn accounts - one more personal, where contacts are my network of contractor buddies.

    Second one is my company one, listed on CV, kept purely for agents.

    Keep the two purely segregated.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ProfitableContractor View Post
    Getting contract jobs is about networking, meeting people and getting roles that way. Through your contacts you will get bigger rates on more favourable terms almost every time.

    I make a concerted effort to keep in touch with people.

    Go for coffee, a beer or lunch with them. Be blatant when you’re looking to move and reach out to people asking if they know of anything you might be interested in.

    Above all else, be easy going, friendly and the sort of person that people want to work with.

    My last two gigs were through my network. I also recommend other contractors that I knew I could work with who were pretty much waved in on my word.

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