Need Guidance on IR35 status of contract! Need Guidance on IR35 status of contract!
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    Question Need Guidance on IR35 status of contract!


    I am a total newbie to contracting and looking to start out a contract for engineering design services to a company based in London. The contract is through a recruitment agency, and they have stated the contract I have to sign will be with them (a lower level contract) and that it is outside the IR35 regulations.
    However, the history of this role makes me query whether this is something that HMRC will accept.
    I originally interviewed with the recruitment agencys' end-client (company in London) for a permanent role and they decided to change it to a contract role and then offer it to me. So in effect it was a permanent role as originally advertised but now it's being filled in as a contract role.

    Can someone advise me what the actual status of the role with regards to IR35 would be, as the recruiters are insistent that it's outside IR35 and they have knowledge of this as they have supplied plenty of contractors to other companies, but my gut-feeling is that HMRC may consider it within IR35.

    Any help or guidance will be appreciated at this stage.

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    Read the guides at the right hand side. That will get you up to speed. At the same time get the contract reviewed by someone like QDOS, Baur and Cottrell.
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    The question is unanswerable by us, but can be answered by a professional reviewer that looks at your proposed working practices (and the contract).

    That said, the starting position is not ideal w/r to whether the proposed working practices are outside.

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