Slow contract market - Advice around taking a perm opportunity? Slow contract market - Advice around taking a perm opportunity?
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    Default Slow contract market - Advice around taking a perm opportunity?

    Hi. I have been contracting in risk technology at a few banks in London. But recently I have been out of contract for 8 months.

    I have been offered a permanent opportunity (the pay is a lot lower as its PAYE).

    Do you think the contract market will recover at all? and If i take the perm role should I close down my company (and claim relief) or leave it open in case another contract role becomes available in the next few months? I'm aware that if I close my company I cant open a new one again for two years.

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    Roles are there but the competition is extreme & right now few are hiring so if you get something else take it before someone else does!

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    SCA projects end in the next few weeks dumping 1000’s of contractors into the market, Lloyd’s are also replacing most of their contractors with wipro - unless you have specialists skills (you don’t as been off for 8 months) - forget it

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    Some sectors are doing well in banks. Dev ops for one.

    Risk Technology is low skilled these days.

    Come April and there are going to be no permanent jobs either. Contractors will be dropped. A lucky few will go permanent. The rest will be off-shored.

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    It doesn't look good

    City jobs market grinds to a halt amid prolonged Brexit uncertainty and fears of an economic slowdown

    The expected IR35 changes will probably push a lot of contractors into PAYE contracts anyway.
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